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I installed Bartender on a test system (MS Server 2008 VM) and conneceted to a database that I created in SQLserver 2005. However I had put a space in the database name and decided to recreate the database name in SQLServer without the space.

I now cannot connect to the database. I fired up the System Database Wizzard and cannot run it. It gives Error 1006

The database name "Bar Tender" in Data Service is invalid.

I uninstalled Bartender and delete directory contents (including %APPDATA%)

I deleted the database in SQLServer and deleted/recreated the ODBC connection using a name without a space (i.e. Bartender°

I cleaned out the registry with CCleaner.

But Bartender still has the old name no matter what I do.

Any ideas how to get around this??


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Gene Henson
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The connection information that the BarTender System Service uses to connect to the BarTender System Database is stored here (please note that the actual connection information is encrypted).


Try renaming that file, and then run through the connection setup in BarTender again so that the file is recreated.

Let us know if that works. If not, we may have to take a closer look at your setup.
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Hi Gene:

Yes, that did the trick :)

Many thanks indeed.