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We recently upgraded to 10.1 SR3.  Since I have been updated, I have been running in trial mode.  Well now, the trial has ended and I'm running in demo mode.


We have the SLS set up, but I can't get the software to register with it.  The only licensing option is Help - Activate this software. . . , and it asks for a product key code.  I thought I didn't need a product key to register with the SLS.


How should I activate this software?



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Domingo Rodriguez
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Yes, you also need to activate BarTender with the same product key code that you use for activating Seagull License Server.


Once BarTender has been activated, you can access the "Administer > Licensing Setup" dialog in order to configure the connection to the Seagull License Server (e.g. you can uncheck the "Automatically find Seagull License Server" option and now type in the IP address or host name of the computer running Seagull License Server).