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I developed an application on mobile device through the use of webservices.
I installed on the server and bartender bartender WebService SDK.
To print my labels I pass by:
private Engine engine = null; / / The BarTender Print Engine
engine = new Engine (true);
and :

This works but I still worry a little performance.
Let me explain: Every time I print a label launches a new webservice my BarTender Print Engine which I add a significant load time.
How can a salvage logging BarTender Print Engine every time I call my WebService is a bit like Bartender Commander.
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Susan Chen
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Hi, Sebastien :

For Web application, I suggest you choose Bartender Enterprise Automation. There are two ways of implementation

1) Web Print Server (more straightforward, no prgram development needed)download

White paper:

Users can connect to the demo site to have a better feel of what it look like

2) Web Label Print(customer can make their own customized program)
Help-> Bartender Help-> Automating Bartender-> Automation with Bartender .NET SDKs-> Bartender .NET Print Server SDK-> Samples-> Web Label Print Sample Application

1. Installing the Web Label Print Sample Application
2. Configuring the Client Computer for the Web Label print Sample application
3. Running and Modifying the Web Label Print Sample Application

There are sample programs at C:\Programs Files\Seagull\Bartender Suite\SDK\Print SDK Samples and Print Server SDK Samples folders

If you would like to customize your own program, second option Web Label Print will fit you more.