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i am using bt 9.3 in 2.0 winform app.
in the app im loading loading an existing format in which i set to prompt for starting label.
in the bt program when i load the format and print it i get the prompt to set the starting label
but in the app i dont, i use this code:

_btApp = New BarTender.Application
_btFormater = New BarTender.Format
_btFormater = _btApp.Formats.Open(formatPath, True, "")
_btFormater.PrintOut(True, True)

is there any way of setting the starting label?

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Prog,

You need to set VisibleWindows property to .btStartingLabelDialogOnly before print.
If your format has Starting label dialog enabled in Page setup, it will show the dialog.
_btApp.VisibleWindows = BarTender.BtVisibleWindows.btStartingLabelDialogOnly

Besides you need to use BarTender's starting label dialog to specify where to print from - as currently there's no ActiveX / .net SDK property to set starting label position by code.

Hope that helps.
Ian Cummings
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Sorry but there are no properties or methods for setting the label number to start printing to on the page.

You could set the BarTender application object visibility property to be True, thus allowing the user to select the start point. I understand that this might not give you desired functionality.

I you application running as a service by any chance on Windows Vista or later? If so, it should be noted that Windows does not allow an interactive window on the desktop to be shown from a service; this is for security reasons and cannot be worked around.