The Server Threw An Exception. (Exception From Hresult: 0X80010105 (Rpc_E_Serverfault)) 追蹤


Hi guys,

Does anyone facing below error message before?

The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))

I am using bartender 9.4 EA on window server 2003 64 bit, SQL 2005 and visual studio 2005 with activeX component.

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Ian Cummings
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Normally this sort of error is indicative of an effect from a previous problem rather than a cause. The code has tried to perform an action with the RPC server, (a BarTender process), but that RPC server is either busy, hung or crashed and therefore no longer responding. Hence the error. Have the customer check the BarTender and Windows event logs for useful information or for the existence of BarTender dump files to help diagnose the root cause of the problem.

Note that the problem with the BarTender process might have occurred before the call that you application makes; it’s simply this later call that reveals the problem with the process.

It should be noted that in BarTender v10 onwards, when the .NET SDK is used, the IsAlive property of the BarTender Engine() object can be checked before making such calls to better handle exceptions destroying and re-spawning processes as needed.