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First pardon for my english.

I'm trying that a web client print a label from my web page.
I'm using BTXML because internaly we use commander. The BTXML that I generate is running fine in the commander.

I want to create in a web server something that it will interpretat BTXML and send to the printer in the web client.

I have tried with sdk printer server web but I not found anything for do it.

The page is aspx and i'm developing with vb .net 2005.

The code:

Public Sub Imprimir(ByVal XML As String)

Using btTaskManager As New TaskManager()


Dim task As New XMLScriptTask(XML, XMLSourceType.ScriptString)

Call TaskPrint_Succeeded()
btTaskManager.TaskQueue.QueueTaskAndWait(task, 10000)

'Stop the task engine with a ten second timeout
btTaskManager.Stop(10000, True)

End Using
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub

Thanks for regars

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Ian Cummings
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It should be noted that it is BarTender itself that natively understands and can process the BTXML. Indeed, you can run and test the BTXML in BarTender itself via the "File>Run BTXML script" menu item. The code you include above will simply pass this set of commands to BarTender, which it will then process internally to produce the print job. I note that you are submitting this request through the PrintServer task manager and so the request will be queued first before it is then passed to the first available BarTender process.

In terms of the printer that you wish to print to; is it located on the same LAN as the web server, and thus normal Windows printing will be used; or is the printer located on a PC in another network with only the internet linking it to the web server and thus internet printing will be required. If internet printing is required then you will need to make use of the BarTenderPrintClient.dll on the client computer where the web browser is running in order to obtain a printer license and to transport the print job to the printer.
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Hi Ian

Thanks for reply.

My BTXML is well formated. If i send the BTXML code to Bartender it runs well ,execute correctly and it print the label.

I'm trying that a webclient, conects with my webpage and print a label in his printer.
I have installed ActiveX in the client.
I understand that install BarTenderPrintClient.dll. But I have not printed anything in client's printer.
I don't know what is necesary for to do it. In the server, what i have to install? Bartender, sdk printer server, Printer Maestro?

The second, when i will get print a label. I would like print a BTXML in a web client's printer.
Are there anything like how XMLScriptTask but it send the label to the web client's printer?

A lot of thanks... Because i'm lost with all this

Juan Eguaras
Ian Cummings
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BTXML is a command structure for a BarTender process only. A printer does not understand BTXML. Printers only understand the native print language of the printer in question, which is what is produced by a BarTender print job using the appropriate printer driver when BarTender processes the BTXML.

I need an answer with regards the location of the client user and printer in question. Is it on the same LAN as the web server or not? If yes, then standard Windows printing can be used, using a printer driver that directly points to where the printer is located. Only if the browser client and printer is located over the internet from the web server will you be required to do internet printing.
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Hi Ian

Yesterday, we find how to do something .

There are two libraries that we have to use.
They are bartenderprintclient.dll and bartenderprintclientruntime.dll.

The first. We were registered it and was run ok, but the second we can't to register and we can't used it in ours proyect.
bartenderprintclientruntime does that the client can to receive the png or the code for print. But we don't found itin any place. And We can't to register it in our machine. Can you send us the bartenderprintclientruntime.dll?
(Not interop.bartenderprintclientruntime.dll because it is precompiled)
Sorry, because I understand this question is for the SDK forum.

The BTXML. yesterday we find the class bartender.application (bartenderprintclient.dll) and the method xmlscript. We think it will run ok. But now our firts priority is get print a label in the webclient.