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Hi All,
We have scenario that, we have to prepare an API based on JavaScript/ActiveX and will be deployed on the client machine. This Client Machine having their own web application and we have to provide them JavaScript/ActiveX API with Print and Print Preview Button to print the labels from the BarTender Server that is located in another machine. The Client Machine will be sending data as JavaScript Object or Objects. Is it possible to do so?.
It would be great, if you could help me with some suggestions.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Manjunath,


I'm not sure if you still need help on this regard; in any case, please note that you can certainly achieve this with our .NET Print Server SDKs (actually our BarTender Web Print Server offers such functionality).


For more information on how to get this done please read the related articles in our BarTender's Help documentation (you need to have BarTender installed to access it).


Also please note that with BarTender we provide a sample web application called WebLabelPrint that illustrates how all these features (and many more) can be used.