Printing Slow After Upgrading From 9.4 Sr3 To 10.1 Sr1 追蹤

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We are noticing slower printing speeds when we went from 9.4 to 10.1. There seems to be an additional 30 second delay after the labels have printed out. The only difference is that I referenced the new Seagull.Bartender.Print assembly for 10.0 SR1 and targeted to NET 3.0 Framework. There has been no code changes.
One important detail: This is happening only when we use Applications that use the Seagull.Bartender.Print through Citrix. Again this slowness did not occur at all in 9.4 SR3. Do we have to update the SLS Remote Assistant on each Citrix Server as well for 10.0 SR1.

Before we Upgraded we were using:

9.4 SR3

10.0 SR1

Is anyone else having this issue. Any recommendations on things to check.

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Ian Cummings
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There are no known performance issues of the sort you describe between the two versions, and nothing you mention sticks out as being a potential problem. I suggest you get in touch with technical support for your region for further help, as we will need details that probably will not be suitable for a public forum. One such thing we could try for you is a beta of the forthcoming v10.0 SR2.