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Hi there,

I have a large number of labels (700+) which need approval before they can go into production use. However the person who needs to approve the labels isn't always in the office.

Rather than printing labels & scanning them I'd like to export the labels to jpg.

I have a simple script with which to export all the formats. However the formats include non-printing images to line up text to label stock.

In Bartender it is easy to uncheck the "Exclude non-printing objects" to create an image.

Is there an equivalent in bxml which will allow non-printing objects to be exported to image?



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Domingo Rodriguez
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If you still need help on this,


  • What Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use.
  • Why do you require to export the documents to JPG rather than printing them? Will the JPG pictures be printed later at some point to physical printers?