Vb 6.0 And Bartender 9.4 追蹤


Using the following code in VB6.0 I'm unable to open Bartender 9.4.

I get the following error:
Error # - 429
Error Description - "ActiveX component can't create object

Error occurs on the Set BTApp = CreateObject("BarTender.Application") line.

This was working with version 8 of BarTender.

[code]Public Sub Load_BT()
On Error GoTo ErrHandlerBT
Set BTApp = CreateObject("BarTender.Application")
BTApp.Visible = True
BT_Loaded = True
MsgBox (Err.Number & "-" & Err.Description)
End Sub[/code]

Thank you in advance for your help on how to resolve this issue.


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Ian Cummings
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Are you running an activated BarTender Automation or Enterprise Automation edition? If running the Trial then the trial period still needs to have some days left. If the trial period has expired then automation will not work.

Open a command prompt window (DOS), change directory to where BarTender is installed ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagull\BarTender Suite") and then run the below command line to register the BarTender application class:

[code]bartend.exe /register[/code]
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Thank you Ian,

I actually ended up doing a repair on the application which resolved the issue. So, I believe the application class was corrupted.

Registering it as you suggest probably would have done the same thing.

It is now functioning as expected.

Running activated Enterprice Automation.
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I dont do pvp. Encouraging as your comments are, I do not refrain from doing pvp because I fear I couldnt survive. But thanks anyway

I got my bartender now and its doing wonders. I did get the lenses in a single adv in the tavern, so that was probably lucky...