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I have had a few cases with the last digit of a human readable value of a barcode being dropped, yet the barcode scans with the correct number. This value is tied to a value coming from a data entry form. I print the same label again and it is usually fine. I believe it happens only the first time I print the label. This label is a trailer (end of job template) label.

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Gene Henson
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What kind of printer are you printing this label to? Is this using a Seagull Scientific driver, and, if so, what version is the driver? If the right data is being encoded in the barcode, it is likely that the printer is dropping the last digit in the human readable portion for some reason. A closer examination of the print code would help us get to the bottom of the issue, but I'd first like to confirm that you're using a Seagull driver if one is available for your printer.