Errors Associated With Bartender Print Engine 追蹤

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Bartender Print Engine process started and ran ok without giving any PrintEngineException error but when i tried to open the label document btEngine.Documents.Open("") after the engine.start(), i saw errors (please see attached)



This format is not currently associated with a print engine

Engine.started() must be called before assigning the print engine to a format.


Do you know what caused these errors?



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Ian Cummings
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It means that the call to open a BarTender document couldn't be made because no reference to a running BarTender process could be used to accomplish the task.  Either the BarTender engine (process) was never started, or it was shut down or crashed before you got round to attempting to open the document.


Note that the BarTender Automation edition or above is required to run BarTender via automation.  If the Trial edition is in use then it needs to be within the trial period.