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I have a Date Field in Label. I want to Print this field in MMMM yyyy (March 2013) Format. I am passing the value from .NET.


For example :- I am passing 12/03/2013 to Label date field Its printing correctly March 2013 from my PC , but from my client PC its printing December 2013. Both PC date format are same dd/MM/yyyy. And one interesting thing is if I pass 15/03/2013 its printing correcly in both systems.


Note : we are using BarTender 10 Licensed version.


Please help me on this.



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Ian Cummings
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In the data source properties of you object have you tried selecting "Clock" as your data source, and then from the "Data Type" tab choose the date format that you want.  It should be the case that BarTender will then format your input date to the style that you want.