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Hello! I have an application in Bartender that selects all records that need to be printed based on a field winch by default is zero. The records are inputted from multiple locations to create and track cars with a parking sticker.


Currently, I have been executing a  script in a web page that updates the 0 to 1's so they do not get printed a second time. The database is MySQL and the ODBC connection works fine and the SQL script in bartender selects only the records that need to be printed.


I would like to write back to the database field after a print session to automatically update the records to a printed status. 


Can this be done with the VB Scripting? If so advice is welcome. I have created a VB script in Excel that updates a database, but I have been unsuccessful in trying to create an auto update after print within bartender. I am using Bartender 2016 Enterprise Automation.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Ian Cummings
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Yes a VB script could do this, although I don't have a sample to share with you.