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Hi, I'm new to Bar Tender so please bear with me.

I have several label designs which use the same serial number sequence, eg:


Design 1 - uses 00001 to 00025

Design 2 - uses 00026 to 00051

Design 3 - uses 00052 to 00087




The problem is that when printing a batch of labels, the printer (Zebra 170xi4) will print one label, stop for about 4 seconds, then print the second label, stop, print, etc. for the whole batch.

Is there any way of speeding this up so that the printer will print the whole batch without stopping after every label? The software I used to use (Zebra Bar One) had an option to "inhibit printer from serializing" option which stopped this happening, is there an equivalent option or setting I should use?


I'm using version 10.1 SR3 Automation on Windows Server 2012. The printers are networked.



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Try playing the the "performance" tab on your print dialog. If the boxes are checked, uncheck them. Or visa-versa.


You can also download your used font to the printer for sometimes quicker performance