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I am running Enterprise edition 10.1SR3 - OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (x64), SP1.

I have 5 printers in different locations and have 5 separate folders created by a former employee.

I am able to scan and release labels to 3 folders, but 2 of the folders aren't being scanned. I can copy a .txt file and paste to folder and it will print.


Is there a specific process on creating these folders?


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Ian Cummings
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BarTender v10.1 SR4 is the latest service release.  I recommend you download and install if possible:


There is nothing special about the folders that you use to scan for trigger files.  Make sure that the user account that the Commander service uses has full permissions to the folders in question.  If the folder is a network folder, then refer to it using the UNC path syntax (\\ComputerName\ShareName) rather than a mapped network drive letter and path.