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We created a label with a DMC on it. We use the ECC-200 standard and everything looks fine.


When I scan the barcode with a smartphone, the result of the DMC is exacty what it is supposed to be.


But when we scan with a normal 2D barcode scanner a extra prefix appears, which we do not provide in the code for the DMC.


Any idea anyone?


This is the string that is applied to the DMC:




This is the result when using a scanner:





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Ian Cummings
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I wouldn't normally expect to see an <ETB> (End Transmission Block) control code at the beginning of a data encoding.  Could it be that the scanner has some sort of residual configuration that includes this control code as a prefix?  I assume you didn't add the control code in the data source of the label object?  Perhaps there is something set in the symbology object options prefix?