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Quick question for all,

I have set up a single line of text that is linked to a serialized global data field and I have been trying to figure out a way to have the last 3 digits in the text change font and/or size if possible. There are 9 digits total and need all of them to show while it increments, I was hoping to stay away from having to add a separate field for just the final 3 digits.  


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Ian Cummings
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This is a bit convoluted but it will work.


1. Create a named data source (not associated with a design object) and set it to be the value of your global variable.


2. Create two single line VB script data sources in the data of your text object.  In the VB script expression make a reference to the named data source: Format.NamedSubStrings("DataSourceName").Value


3. You can either use a string function in the VB script expression to get the part of data you want, or the "Truncation" options under  the "Transforms" tab of the data source.