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Currently converting from LabelView to BarTender and have a query with regards to the UCC/EAN-128 barcode.


In labelview i have a barcode that reads:




The labelview barcode field says its UCC/EAN-128(Multi)


When i input the same details into the BT barcode it outputs like this


(02)0 0918596 02005 3 (37) 0024


Wheres the leading 0 gone after the (02) AI and whats the 3 it puts in before the (37) AI?


Does this make my barcode actually different?


I have:

AI code 02 as embedded data

0091859602005 as a database value taken from an excel file

AI code 37 as embedded data

0024 as data taken from a EAN128 QTY Print Time Data Entry Form



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Ian Cummings
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The last data digit for the (02) AI should be calculated as a check digit (UccMod10) with 13 digits proceeding it.  It should never form part of the input data as this makes the whole idea of a check digit redundant.  You should only supply to BarTender the first 13 digits and not the check digit.  If your database field contains 0091859602005 and not 0009185960200 then you should use the transform tab in the data source to discard one digit on the right and add a 0 on the left.  This will give you the correct input data source from which the check digit can be correctly calculated.