Fixing The Size Of A Datamatrix Barcode, Resulting In Extra String Added 追蹤

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I'm using Bartender v10.0 SR4 to print labels with a rectangular 16x36 DataMatrix (ECC200, ISO-8859-1 encoding). I've set the template to this particular size because it fits the maximum theoretical size of our identifiers and I wanted the layout to be consistent, even for shorter identifiers (so I did not consider "auto size" for the barcode). I assumed that "extra space" would be used for extra error correction.


Internally in our company, we use Gryphon 44xx 2D handheld scanners. Everything is working like a charm. But recently, we received some strange feedback from two external partners regarding their ability to properly decode our labels.


I know that one partner is using ZXing .NET library. For the other one, I don't know which software library is used, it may even be home-made. Nevertheless the symptoms are the same: it happens that extra data may be appended at the end of the identifier. Different identifiers led to different extra data; not all identifiers are subject to this phenomenon. And this seems to be only the case with rectangular DataMatrix using fixed size: I've sent square DM and auto-sized rectangular DM with the same content, they were properly decoded.


Is there anything known regarding broken libraries or tricky things that might happen with fixed sized DM? I'm quite confident in the ability of Bartender to follow the standards, moreover we don't have issues with our "hardware" scanners.


Any feedback regarding this issue and best practices is more than welcome.


Thank you in advance.