How To Access Lining Figures (Regular Numerals / Titling Figures)? 追蹤

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Dear all,


our corporate design manual says I have to typeset titles in capital letters. Now I have titels that contain numbers. I am using an otf-font that supports both, lining figures (also called regular numerals or titling figures) and text figures (also known as non-lining, lowercase, old style, ranging, hanging, medieval, billing, or antique figures or numerals).


When I use a line or paragraph object, by default the text figures are displayed. This is an insult to my eyes, because the text figures are only half the size of the capital letters.


How can I access the lining figures within BarTender?


I do know that the font has the glyphs I need, because I succeed to display the lining figures in Microsoft Word 2013.


My BarTender version is 10.1 SR4, Professional.


Thanks in advace for any helpful suggestions.