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I hope someone can help with an odd problem.


We have used BarTender for many years to print labels to be applied to blood collection tubes for our clients. We print different elements on different label designs depending on the requirements, but the main thing we print is a barcode with a human readable text of the barcode number underneath.


The label design is setup to serialize the labels (add 1 to the barcode / number each new label). We have done this successfully and never had any problems until this week when we have setup a new label for a new type of tube, and it has been setup correctly as far as we can tell.


The problem we are experiencing is that we have been getting print-overruns when we print the label e.g. we ask BarTender to print 2000 labels and it prints 0001-2000 but then also prints a few extra i.e. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 ...


I have not observed the problem myself, but have trialled it with 10, 20, 50, 200, 1999 labels and it has been fine but when others have run it with 2000 labels they have got the overruns. It seems intermittent.


This has never happened before with any other labels and is very strange. I have attached the label file if that helps.

We are using BarTender International, Enterprise, version 7.75,  Build 1965 on a Windows 7 machine and printing to a Toshiba Tec B-SX5 printer. The print driver is the Seagull Scientific Toshiba TEC TPCL driver version 7.3.5 and build date 4/15/2014

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The problem could be with the printer itself as it depends how the label is setup. As you are using an in built Tec font for the serial number field BarTender normally defaults to use the in built serialisation feature of the printer and so the file that gets sent down would have a command to print X serialised copies.


You could turn this feature off from one of the tabs on the print screen (I cant remember what the tab is called in 7.75) but the option you need to look for is Allow Serialisation or something like that. Printing in this however will dramatically increase the amount of data sent to the TEC as BT would send each file label individually.


Also 7.75 came out sometime before Windows 7 and is not confirmed as being fully compatible with it and so this could be part of the issue and why it only appears intermittently.