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Hello - I am trying to create a HIBCC barcode that is UDI compliant.  I have everything in place but am not sure how to properly input the last check character which is created using a Modulo 43 calculation.  

I am using the C39Mod43 feature but am unsure how to create the string to properly create that end character.  Right now the line reads: C39Mod43(LIC2) and the "+" sign always shows up - what needs to be there is a character that is calculated based on the sum of all the digits before it....

Any help would be greatly appreciatied...THANKS!!

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Pete Thane
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I assume LIC2 is the name you have given to the rest of the barcode string and you are adding the check digit as a single line VB script in which case I think you need to amend the line to 


Manny Castro
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The reason you are not seeing a changing check digit is due to the fact you are only calling your LIC which is static. Thus it is calculating a check digit however the data for the string is never changing.

Here is an easier way to get what you need accomplished:

  • Move the barcode you currently have off screen (we'll have it not print)
  • In the properties of the same object rename the whole object, make sure you recall this name
  • Create a new barcode and position it where you need it to print on your label
  • Change the existing data source to object value, you'll want to reference the off screen barcode or text object
  • Now create the VB script data source you previously had. Instead of refrencing the LIC data source alone, reference the whole string in your VB script using this syntax - C39Mod43(Format.Objects("Barcode 1").Value) In this example Barcode 1 is the name of the off screen object that has our whole string in it.


Tip: Remember to add the "+" in front of your LIC and also to put the * before and after only in the human readable. To do this look at the screen shot below-