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hello all,

My problem is as follow:


I have an excel File with 2 columns first column is type the second is serial number.

I would like to produce a barcode containing the two values and a carriage return in between.


I trierd to use a multi-line script with visual basic scipt from data source selection In bartender. but the values of the fields are not read.


can someone please show me how I can do it step by step?


thank you in advance

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Domingo Rodriguez
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You can use several data sources in your bar code object instead. You can create 3 different data sources:


  1. The first data source will read from the first database field.
  2. The second data source will contain the carriage return (can be entered with the "Insert Symbols or Special Characters" button.
  3. The third data source will read from the second database field.

Once you open the properties for your bar code object in BarTender, you can choose the "Data Sources" node on the left, now right click and choose "New Data Source". This way, you can create multiple data sources on the same bar code object.