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I have a document with a serialised field on it, I would like to be able to prompt the user at the end of the print that all was OK.


If they responed 'No' then the label would reprint incrementing the serial number.


If they respond 'Yes' then the serial number is set back to 1 ready for the next set of labels to be printed.


Only one set of labels will ever be printed on one day and the serial number is of the format yyMMdd0001 ......


I think I basically need to be able to alter the 'Update data source after print' tick box.


I hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for any help.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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This looks more in the direction of writing a third-party application which controls BarTender in the background via BarTender's .NET SDKs or the ActiveX Automation interface.


If you would choose using VBScript inside BarTender, you could show a dialog at "OnPrintEnd" and then save the result to a data source name in BarTender. In BarTender v10.1 we now support resetting a serial number based "On Data Change", which allows you to reset the serial number after someone answered "Yes" to the VBScript dialog you will present at print time and which value will be saved to a named data source.