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Hi, I have a label with 10 barcodes printed. I was wondering if i can use VB script to let the users control how many barcodes they want to print. For example, if they want  print just only 5 barcodes in that label, the label will print out 5 barcodes and the other 5 field/object will be like hidden and unprint.

(Note that the template that used is with 10 barcodes field actually).


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ian Cummings
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Using VB script you can stop an object printing by settings it's data source to be nothing:


If X = Y Then
  value = ""
End If

If you're running v10.1 then you can set the conditions on when or if the object prints by adjusting the "Print when" properties of the object found in the top node of the object's properties.