Generate Shortened Url For Use As A Qr 追蹤


I have many URL addresses stored in an SQL database source and want to produce a QR code for each of these.

currently the size of the URL varies depending on the product, so the QR code is expanding and shrinking with it.


As such, I would like to get a shortened URL for use in my bartender template and I'm investigating whether this could be done at the time of printing?


There is an api for connecting into bitly which looks like it might make this possible but I am not sure how to go about coding this into a bartender VB script, or even if it is possible!


/v3/shorten looks like the right command for the api.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Will,


The problem about your suggestion is that you'll need to understand the underlying code that API offers and code it yourself through VB script. Basically you'll need to build the desired function/algorithm through VB script.