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We use EasyCoder PD41 (Version 7.2 M-1) under Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop (Terminal Service). Under heavy load (cpu 70% utilized, more then 5 print jobs per second) the print spooler crashes or hangs.
We do not use Easy Print.
Anyone else who had this problem? or anyone can help me fix it?

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Susan Chen
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Hi, Abauer:

Can you provide more information
1)which Bartender version you running?
2)Are you using Commander or ActiveX or SDK to perfrom printing 5 jobs per second?
3)How you install printer driver? TCP/IP? Shared printer? Easy coder printer is in cleint side or server side?
4)Do you have error message for printer spooler crash or hangs in Bartender log or Window event log?

Please send your information to, we will work with you for your print spooler crash problems.