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I'm testing out the seagull drivers to see if they will meet my needs.

I was trying to setup an RFID font for a printer using version 7.2.4

I installed the driver for R110xi(203)dpi and attempted to add an RFID font in the font tab in the properties.

There is a menu option for "New RFID Font" but it is greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong?


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Shotaro Ito
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Hi James,
In order to use Seagull Driver RFID font, You need to install BarTender Professional Edition or above.
You can install [url=""]BarTender's 30 days trial[/url] to test that function. Please try out BarTender's easy-to-use RFID handling too.

From Online help of printer driver:
[quote]Note: RFID fonts will work with any standard Windows application as long as the Professional, Automation, or Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender is installed on the system. Although these fonts can also be used in most BarTender editions, Automation and higher editions have built-in RFID support that is more flexible and easier to use.

Hope that helps.