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We've just replaced an aging Windows XP Pro SP3 machine with a Windows 7 Pro SP1 machine. Both have a 32 bit architecture and are joined to the company domain.

We use a Toshiba TEC SX5 (B-SX5T-TS22-QM-R) label printer and have the latest (7.3) driver downloaded from the website here. The printer is connected using USB.

With the XP machine, the printer would display a count of the number of labels printed if we pressed the pause button. This was displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The Windows 7 machine does not do that, that area of the screen is just blank. If I plug the XP machine back in using the same USB cable, the counter reappears just fine.

I've been through the printer settings and tried with bi-directional printing on and off, status monitoring on and off, and advanced print features on and off. Interesting, if I turn the status monitor on in the print settings it does report the correct printer status to the computer. This would be ok if it displayed the number of labels printed/left to print, but it doesn't.

Does anybody have any ideas for what to try next? Toshiba seem to be all out of ideas also.



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Shotaro Ito
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Hi PLCAdam,
BarTender / Seagull driver doesn't have control on printer display.

That might be the way of sending data was different - such as
In XP case, you sending single page command with 10 copy count within a print job (print code is optimized), however
in Win7 case, you sending page command 10 times within a print job(print code is less less optimized).

If shows page command's progress, in 1st case, page progress 1/10 to 10/10 would be shown, and in 2nd case page progress 1/1 shown repeatedly in 10 times.

There's some Performance settings in BarTender > Print dialog > Performance options - please match the same setting in both case.
When you print serial number, using printer font (TEC Outline etc) would help printer optimization.
For detail, please check [url=""]White paper: Optimizing Label Printing Performance[/url].

You can actually see what print code your driver actually sent, By enabling Printer properties > Tools > Logging options > Printer code recording.
Ian Cummings
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The thing you need to check for in the print file is the number of XS issue commands, plus print quantity, compared to what you requested in BarTender. In the below example this requests a print of 10 identical labels as specified by the second parameter for the issue command.


It is likely that the XP installation was producing something along these lines, while you new Win 7 set-up had ten issue commands for one label each. Now that could be due to something changing with the label such as variable data per label etc...