Monarch 9855 Using 7.3.3 Driver Over Rdp 追蹤


Im having some issues getting a Windows Server 2008 R2 server to recognize a session printer created from a Windows XP system via RDP.  The printer is a Monarch 9855, which appears to install just fine on both the XP system and the 2008 R2 system.  I currently have the 7.3.3 driver loaded, both x64 and x86 on the 2008 R2 system and x86 on the XP system.  However, I'm receiving an error message when logging on saying that the Monarch 9855 (300 dpi) driver cannot be found, even though it is installed.


Any ideas as to why this might not be working? Any input is most appreciated, as I am just at my wits end on this thing.

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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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Is the printer showing up as a session printer when RDP is connected?  And do other session printers work?