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Hello everyone,


we have a Citizen CL-S631 with a cutter unit which prints on endless label media.


I find it very handy as the cutter allows me to create labes from about 0.5 inches up in length with the same media, so I can create labels for almost every situation. The only problem is: For every new label format I have to define it's size in the driver settings before my label software (not bartender) can print that size. That won't be a problem for one PC, but I need to export the new settings to about one dozen PCs in the company.


Is there a way to import my (manually exported) .sds file on the other machines automatically, via command line for example? If so, I could write a script which checks for a newer creation date of the .sds file and import it on each windows login.



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Domingo Rodriguez
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For computers where you haven't installed yet the printer drivers, you can save the exported .sds file as "defaults.sds". Now take this file to the new computer and place the "defaults.sds" file on the folder where you've unzipped the Seagull drivers (by default "c:\Seagull). Replace the defaults.sds file with the one you've exported. Install the printer drivers with our "DriverWizard.exe" tool.


The printer instances will now appear with the stock sizes you've created on the other computer.


I'm afraid that what you're looking to achieve (import directly via command lines) is not supported.

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Hello Domingo,


thanks for your answer. The problem is that all PCs already have the drivers installed and I'm currently creating more label sizes which need to be added into the installed drivers.


So I will stick to manually install the new sizes after I created them.


I think a command line install or even better an automatic update for the settings would be a nice feature for future driver versions.