Help: Zebra P430I Print Command Over Font 追蹤

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I have a Zebra P430i. I want to send a Zebra printer command over the Seagull

feature "print command over font"....


I did the following:

- in Zebra driver I go to Fonts Menu

- under utility I switch on option to offer "print command fonts"

- now I install a new font replacement with : Tahoma-Normal ->  Zebra Print Command

- in Word 2003 I generate a document with Font Tahoma-Normal and just the text "MI"

("MI" should insert a card and position it under the printhead)

- now print the word document


It does not positon the card, it ignores the command


A Zebra printer command (in a sniffer view) actually looks like this:



ESC is 27 ($1B)

CR is 13 ($0D)


Can you tell me, how I can manage to use the print commands or give a word doc/rtf example document

with a command in a print command font ?


Many Thanks !