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i hope the mods is ok with me reposting it here.



we have 20 printing cells here at work.
they all have the same configuration.
all pcs are in a local area network

configuration of a printing cell
1 pc
3 label printers attached (datamax)
vba/access application stored locally
around 30 different bartender formats (different sizes) - stored locally
using bartender 10 (enterprise automation)

each printing cell works indepently with each other.
there are 3 printers because a combination of customer and part number data
will result for different sizes and probably a combination of 2 or more
different label format to be printed.
my application will send/print the corresponding label format to 1 of the 3
printers based on the size of it.
in the label , a bunch of information (part numbers / upc) will be printed based
on the user input.

my plan:
make the application web based with sql server as the backend.
planning to use .net (vb or asp) for the front end.

future setup of the printing cell:
1 pc
3 label printers
the application will now be web based.
where will the bartender formats be saved? locally or in the server?

i've been reading about the web print server capability of bartender.
i also read the white papers but it seems that (correct me if i am wrong)
bartender is not capable of what i want to do .

to the bartender gurus here, can you guide me with this.


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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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This boils down to how you're going to implement the web service.  You could put a copy of everything locally on each cell, or you could create a web server that all of the cells could connect to.

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Thanks MIke, my plan is to put all the formats in the web server so it will be centralized.