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I just upgraded from 9.3 to 10.1 SR4.  The upgrade process was painless, so thank you for that.


With WPS 9.3, we just needed one web page to print multiple copies of the same label.  The Data Entry form, Printer Selection form, Copies, Preview - they were all on the same page.  You could easily enter data, print 5 copies of that, then change the data, and print 10 copies of that.  Very convenient for the end user.


With 10.1 SR4, that seems to have gone away.  On the first page I have a Preview, Printer selection, and number of copies.  Then, on the second page, I have the Data Entry with another Print Preview, and the Print button.


If I want to change the number of copies along with the change of data, I have to hit the Back button, change the number, hit Next, then print.  While one or two labels is not a big issue, it can really affect the data flow when you are doing 100 different labels.


Is there a way I can modify that?  The 9.3 version with everything on one page was very convenient.


Matthew Williams


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Shotaro Ito
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Unfortunately there's no way to customize that. One possible solution is create your own web application using .net Print Server SDK.

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Hi Matthew,

I just wondered if you had managed to find an answer to your question above?

I have the exact same requirement - I want to simplify the web page that users interact with to print a simple label on WPS.

I would also like to set a default printer for each user (or have a different URL that each user can use to default the print to a certain printer).


If you did make any progress I would really appreciate any pointers in the right direction. I don't fancy trying to downgrade to version 9.3!


Additionally if I find a way to do this I will post my feedback here for your information.