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I am trying to set up a WPS but files that I create for it will not print from the WPS site.  The site is very sluggish to pull them up when I click on them and ultimately will error when I send it to print.  When it does finally pull the lable up it does not show a preview of the file.  Then when I enter the item to query the SQL Server connection and tell it to print it comes up with a screen that says "BarTender was unable to perform the requested command."


This is not the case for all the labels I have.  Some older files work as expected but those which I make in bartender 10.1 do not seem to work for the WPS.  Any suggestions?








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Domingo Rodriguez
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  1. Is it BT v10.1 SR4 you're running?
  2. Could you attach one of these problematic BarTender documents, and another one which prints fine? Use the "More Reply Options" button for this...
  3. Enable text file logging in BarTender under the "Administer > Log Setup > Text File Log" dialog. The next time such an issue occurs, check the log files for any possible related error message.
  4. Do both the working and non-working BarTender documents read from the exact same database and same tables, or do the non-working documents work with multiple table joins or very large tables / views which might be slowing down the connection with the database?
  5. Is the client site very distant from the server side of BT-WPS? Would you have the same issue if you print this BarTender document directly from the server where BT-WPS and IIS is running?
  6. Are you performing internet printing on a printer only available to the client side? Would you get similar problems if you do Windows printing instead and to a different printer?
  7. Do you get the same experience from different web browsers?