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We’ve recently bought Bartender Automation Edition.
We’ve setup a label design (with a query prompt and a connection to an SQL database). The label works perfectly when run from within BarTender program, it loads data from the database fine, it prints fine – all good.
However when I try to access and print the label via the Web Print Server, the pages respond very slowly.
I visit http://localhost/bt-wps/default.aspx and that page loads at a good speed (within 1 second).
If I access any of the bundled template files (e.g. Military 129L) the web server works great, responds very quickly.
However when I select one of my label documents, the page takes ~30 seconds to respond.
When it does finally respond and load the data entry page (BTDataEntry.aspx) and I enter a value and click ‘update preview’, the document preview never loads.
Any ideas what could be causing the web print server to respond so slowly for my label designs?

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I have managed to resolve this problem and thought I would share my solution, in case it helps others.


Because the label connects to a SQL database, I think there was an issue with the permissions on connecting to that database when the label file was loaded by the web application.

I changed the Identity used by the WPS Application Pool from IIS_Admin to LocalSystem.


This seems to work well now.

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Thank you for the post and the solution.

We were noticing the same issue and Bartender support was no help and were not able to identify and troubleshoot the issue.

This really improved the performance for loading the data entry page during generating the labels.

Thanks a bunch for sharing it.