There Are No Bartender Documents In The Specified Documents Location 追蹤


This is a new installation of BarTender Enterprise Automation, Version 10.1 SR4 Build 2961.


I checked the http://localhost/bt-wps/BtAdmin.aspx Administration web page and found that the Default Library Location was set to Documents\ originally so I checked the web server folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\BT-WPS\Documents and found that there are several sample .BTW files present, yet when I browse to http://localhost/bt-wps/ it only shows the message "There are no BarTender documents in the specified documents location".


Next I changed the Document Library Location on the site administration page to "Use a Librarian document library folder" with Folder set to "lib://".  I currently I have one test document in my library but there are still no documents found on the Document Selection web page.


My web server is Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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This looks like a permission issue to me. Open IIS Manager Configuration, locate the application pool under which BarTender Web Print Server is running, right click and choose "Advanced Settings" and now change the Identity. This will normally run under the "IIS_WEBPRINT" account, but I've still seen cases where the IIS_WEBPRINT didn't take the necessary permissions. Try using a different account instead.