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I have a label that pull all of his data from a Database. So, when we print there's a Database Query to ask for a code, this code will pull all informations from the database and then update all field to the label.

When printing, we are using the "printer date" to print the date on the label, sometime, we would like to override this to re-print a badly or broken label. I don't know how to do it.

I wish to create a prompt that will have the database query in it, then a checkbox "Reprint ?" and a Text Box "Date". If "reprint" is checked, I wish to use the date in the text box instant of the printer date. How could I do this?

Tried to find some docs, but I'm a bit lost.

Thanks! :)

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OOOOOOOK! So I found I could use the "OnProcessData" refering to antoher topic... but, it's half-working.

[code]If Field("chk_reprint.value") = "1" then
Value = "99"
Value = Year(Date) & "/" & Month(Date) & "/" & Day(Date) & " " & Hour(Time) & "h" & Minute(Time)
End If[/code]

"99" should be changed by the input value of the textbox (how do I do that?) and it seems that the chk_reprint.value is not read (maybe I got this wrong?). Also, how do I send the "use check printer date" function ? Like Hour(Time).printer.

And I still don't know how to "prompt" all of the information in one screen.