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Hi there.I'm currently using bartender to help me print labels.I'm using MS Excel as my database. It has over 5000 rows of data with more than 25 fields.I have tried to filter it by using query in database setup.

The record returns me the data i want when i click on the select option button when going to print.But,the data is still quite a lot.Let say that if i want to find a particular part number,i still need to scroll down each of it.Is there any method or alternatives way? I don't want to use query here anymore as i don't want to confuse my users with the SQL query bla bla thing.

Thanks.Any help or reply would be much appreciated.

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Ian Cummings
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Specifying a query with a query prompt and/or the select record and print time dialog is currently the only way of choosing your records to print from within BarTender. May I ask what sort of query you were performing in the past with what type of operator?

You might find the following training video on record selection helpful: