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Hi Folks

We have a label which has been in use for quite a while without issue but has recently began giving us problems. About half the time, when the labels print, data fields are missing.

Each time I have seen missing data it is in fields which are not bound to data in our database but is static text of fields such as a date/time. The data is not always "missing" but is often replaced by odd ASCII characters. We have verified that the Bartender software is activated on the machine in question.

I am new to working with Bartender and am not sure where to start looking. I looked through the forums and your manuals but didn't see anything obvious there.

Any help will be appreciated!


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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Clay, It's somewhat difficult to identify the cause of the problem in this forum - that might be broken format, font, printer issue or wrong driver / printer setup. Please contact to Tech Support.

if possible, send e-mail to support with attach the btw format, expected printout / failed printout image and printer driver info. (For seagull driver, you can save driver version info from Printer properties > Information tab > Version.)