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Ok, well I have a bunch of labels set up exactly how they need to be set up, including the printer setup (which has a needed backfeed setup). However, when someone else printed it from their own printer, it saved that printers page set up and all on the label file. When I opened it back up again, I got an error about the saved printer not being on my printer list and that it would use my default printer instead (which is the printer it needs to print from anyway). This saving over after printing messed with the page set up and the label size. How do I keep this from happening? I can't keep reformatting these labels after someone prints from a different printer...

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Ian Cummings
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You could use the Security Center to control who has the ability, or not, to save label formats. See the below white paper:

At the very least you could set the Windows file permissions on the label format file itself if needed.