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I've got 2 identical Zebra printers on different production lines, and I need to print the same label definition on both. However, printer "A" needs to print with orientation Landscape and printer "B" needs to print with orientation Landscape 180. How can I set that up without creating 2 different formats? (I'm sending the print jobs through Commander, if that makes a difference).

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Jon,
There's no command to change print direction from Commander I know.
You can do that from ActiveX / .net SDK, by Orientation property.

Another option is .. there's a setting to not use Printing preference within btw document, and prefer driver's setting.

In Printer properties > Tools tab > driver options > Network settings tab, enable [Share setting between all documents].
Enable this setting will affect to all documents using the driver.

Haven't tested myself, though.

Actually, simply using 2 different formats are good idea.