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Hi hoping someone here can help. I have recently installed a new PC for a client of mine, running a local Meals on Wheels service (using Bartender and a AR R-600 Wedderburn label printer). She had quite a few business programs installed, Office, MYOB, food services software, some database software, also an ID card software and printer and the above mentioned Bartender and Wedderburn label printer. To save hassles and potentially hours reinstalling this and activating/licensing etc, I used PC Mover, anyone who knows this knows what a godsend it can be. Because we were moving from XP Pro to Win 7 I decided to leave off printers and reinstall/let plug and play sort some out so we wouldn't have driver issues.

Everything transferred over well and works properly. She had a parallel cable running to the old PC from the wedder, new one doesn't have a parallel port so we used the serial port and a serial to USB converter cable. This showed up as COM 3 in devices, so I got the latest drivers compatible with windows 7 here: [url=""][/url] and installed using the wizard and the COM 3 port. At first we got "!" and ran troubleshooter to no avail. Removed, restarted PC and did fresh, all good this time EXCEPT it is taking about 2 minutes for the job to go through. ( amended note by client: printer taking over 30 minutes to print one label!! slow is one thing but this is non existent printing- wedderburn support have promised to send me a new cable that will hopefully solve my issues)

New PC is a shop build, Gigabyte B75M motherboard, if any more info is needed I will provide.

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So your problem is that printing is slow?

Configure the serial port to the maximum speed allowed by the dongle and be sure to use Xon/Xoff handshaking. In the end though serial port communications is always going to be slow by comparison, and is something that you might just have to live with in your current hardware configuration.

Of course optimising your label format with device fonts and performance options can help mitigate the slow transfer speed. The following white paper will help to guide you.