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Setting up a Neurolog printer using Bartender 10.0 SR2 in Windows Vista.


On the bartender document I am using I have the printer set to use the Default printer. On the Vista machine I have two Printer Names with the Printing preferences set to use Continuous Feed on one (Printer Name: Neurolog Continuous) and the other Printer name with the Printing preferences to use the Tray 1 (Printer Name: Neurolog Single). When I set the Neurolog Single as the default and try and print it will always use the Continuous feed. I opened the file in bartender, when I go to the Print window (Printer Name is showing: Default (Neurolog Single)) and check the Document Properties it is set to use Continuous feed. This is different from what I have set up (as a side note, it also prints in Black/White even though I never set it to do such a thing I can change this setting and have done so). If I change it to Tray 1 it then prints from Tray 1. 


I was under the impression that Document Properties was set according to what the Default Printing Properties is set as or is this false? Is it possible that these settings are coming from the printer or is this a bug?

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The settings in the "Document Properties" dialog are loaded from the driver "Preferences" in the system when the document is created. From that moment onwards these settings are embedded as part of the document. This means that at print time BarTender will ignore whatever is set in the driver preferences and use the document properties configuration.