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Afternoon all,


We have BarTender software installed on multiple PC's around the company and all the PC's have have developed the same problem when it comes to printing multiple labels


Each of our labels is connected to a database (Access) which is where it pulls the infomation from for the label.


An example is we have a label set up which has 18 labels per page, so If i were to press print and type in 50, i'd expect there to be two sheets of 18 and one of 14 making the 50. However, what i get everytime is one sheet of 18, followed by one sheet of 14, then it prints exactly the same again, so i'm left with two sheets of 18 and two sheets of 14 which is very wasteful.


The amount of labels that get printed from whichever PC will always be different from what is specifed at the beginning


I hope this makes sense to somebody?


I'm not sure what info you need but at present using Bartender 8.0 (upgraded to 10 trial to test) on a Windows 7 32bit machine


Can anybody help?

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Problem solved i think by using this from another thread:


"Try not using printer's identical copy function ,by

BarTender's Administer menu > Advanced printer and driver setup,
select the printer, check [Override Default Settings], check [Use alternate method to control data sourced copies].

For version 9.1 or older, you need to edit "BtwPrn.ini" in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Seagull\BarTender
by adding your printer model name to [Copy Incapable Printers] section.

Also, check printer driver's property / document property to make sure collate function is disabled."