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Good morning


I originally logged this with technical support, but haven't heard back so thought I would post here..

I am having trouble getting a certain label to print via BarTender 10.

I currently have a hot folder set up which Commander monitors for .csv files, when it comes across a file it should read the contents of it and populate a label. This works fine for one of the labels I have in use, but not for the other one, as far as I can tell the only real difference is the page size.

I currently have Commander set up on a Windows 2008 server, I then have a separate PC with the Brother QL-500 printer installed and shared out to the server. I have both my labels loaded in to the Librarian.

The two labels are attached - KBE1.btw works fine. FIAT1.btw does not work, it recognises it in Commander as a file in the hot folder, and renames it, but nothing prints, it does not register in the Reprint Console either.


I can print the FIAT1.btw fine from BarTender by going to the FIle>Print option.


The other step I have taken is to define a form size in the Windows Printer section (I am not sure if this is necessary though?)


I have attached coresponding screenshots, let me know if you require anymore information.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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To which email address at Seagull did you send your support inquiry? If you included attachments, the email could have been blocked by our exchange server.


You don't seem to have added "Fiat1.btw" document. Could you attach it besides your Commander task list (.tl) file?


Also, in order to troubleshoot this issue, you can try to:


  • Start Commander as an application (via the "Administer > Service Setup" dialog).
  • Access the "Detection > BarTender Command Handler Setup" dialog, choose the "User Account" tab and make sure that no specified user account is being used.
  • Start Detection.
  • Now access the "Detection > Show all running BarTenders" dialog. The underlying BarTender process should be made visible now.
  • Send the trigger file which corresponds to "Fiat1.btw", switch to the BarTender process and observe what is going on in BarTender. Did the BT document open, did you receive an error message?

This might help you to solve the issue you're having...

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Hi Domingo


It's ok, Fernando Ramos Miracle from tech support got back to me and suggested:


"Taking a look at your two documents I see that the one that is not working as expected doesn't have any sort of database connection configured.


Note that when using the trigger file as database Commander substitutes the existing database configured in the document with the trigger file. For that to happen the document needs to have a database connection already set up, with each data source in the document sourcing from the correct field"


I set up the databse again ensuring everything was linked and it now works fine :)