Incomplete Content When Printing A Large Batch Of Labels 追蹤

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When the factory printed large batch of labels (say 750 labels) in one go, some abnormal labels came out after printing
around 350 labels. This problem did not happen every time they printed large batch of labels (out of three times, one time with problem).  


Below is a sample printout:

(on the left) Normal printout; (on the right) abnormal printout – with missing lines and text fields

[attachment=485:Label Printout.jpg]


The factory is using:
1. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2
2. BarTender v6.12 print-only
3. Zebra 105 SL 300 dpi printer but connected through COM port instead of LPT port



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Domingo Rodriguez
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Hello Albert,


Are you printing your labels directly from BarTender?


Does the data come from a database?


What printer driver (and version) have you installed for your Zebra printer?


Open the printer driver properties dialog under "Printers & Faxes", select the "Ports" tab, click the "Configure Port..." button and make sure that you set the Flow Control to XOn/XOff".