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Is it possible to print a btw file directly using C#, but without interfacing with BarTender or its API? Something such as using BarTender to design the label, getting a license from SLS, and uploading the btw file directly to a printer from my code? I am looking for a way to be able to print directly to a network-connected printer without having to install drivers on the PC that will be issuing the print commands.

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Domingo Rodriguez
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You can look into BarTender's Printer Code Template feature, which is available in the Automations Editions of BarTender:


You can also look into our web based printing solution, called BarTender Web Print Server (BT-WPS), where when doing internet printing from the client side you don't necesarily need to install the printer driver (on the server side yes, on the clent side no) because you can send the print file directly to the port of the printer: