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Hi all,


Due to labelling regulations changing we are having to print certain words on our food product labels in bold.


I tried to highlight certain words and manipulate them into bold on the TEC Outline fonts, but clicking the bold icon simply changes the entire text box into that format. Is there a way to only change certain words, eg

"Seagull Scientific manufacture Bartender software" ?


Secondly, does the type of printer used (we use thermal transfer) affect the ability to print in this format? I tried to copy and paste text in from another program with the correct words highlighted in bold but the printwork lost all definition and clarity when printing from it.


Any help would be much appreciated.


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We’re aware of this change for the ingredients labels. BarTender is also prepared for this change, although it will require you to use meta language (RTF, HTML…)
inside the database.


Although a database engine (or at least Excel) will support you to format a certain text as bold, cursive, the OLE DB provider, when supplying this data to the program

which wishes to connect to the database, will not import the font styles. The text will be imported as plain text.


In BarTender, we’ve a “Mark-up Language Container” feature which would allow you to use mark-up languages inside your database such as RTF, HTML and XAML.


Please be aware that these containers can only be used with Windows fonts, not with printer internal fonts (basically because the printer language won’t know how to encode this information).


Also please note that these features were added first in v9.4 (RTF object) and improved on v10.0 and later (HTML and XAML objects).